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We are thrilled to team up with our very good friends at DoGood to be able to offer their most popular mixed boxes to you. With 3 different great flavours in each box, its a great way to add even more excitement to dinner time.

You can offer DoGood’s freshly cooked meals as a daily or occasional topper with Noochy Poochy

All of DoGood’s recipes are nutritionally complete & balanced, made using a unique combination of plant proteins and organic, whole-food ingredients.

Buy as a one-off or subscribe to a regular delivery every few weeks with your Noochy subscription.

It’s easy – just keep each eco-friendly box in the freezer until you want to use, then defrost and use within 5 days.


Delivery Information

As a chilled delivery, orders for DoGood are delivered separately from Noochy Poochy, shipped in special eco-friendly insulated boxes made from FSC-certified cardboard. Ice packs that accompany the deliveries are made from plastic recovered from the ocean, while the box insulation is made from upcycled denim waste. The trays themselves are made from sugarcane pulp. Everything you receive is either recyclable, compostable or re-usable. DoGood really do everything they can to bring the most nutritious, exciting & freshly cooked meals to dogs in the most sustainable way possible.


About the Flavours

Chickpea & Pumpkin For energy-boosting complex carbs, essential amino acids and beneficial nutrients including potassium, magnesium, folate and vitamin A. DoGood have added Coconut Oil for its natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

Buckwheat & Squash Buckwheat is the best-kept secret superfood for dogs, packing a nutritional punch with an impressive amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for health. DoGood have paired this with Butternut Squash, which contains phytonutrients to boost the immune system and vitamin A for vision and brain function.

Quinoa & Sweet Potato The star ingredients of this recipe are Quinoa – a protein powerhouse packed with nutrients that help keep your dog’s coat, teeth, and nails shiny and healthy; and Sweet Potato – full of beta-carotenes which are associated with healthy vision and support a healthy immune system too.

All boxes contain an equal number of all 3 flavours. For more details, please see product image gallery.

DoGood is delivered freshly frozen. Store in the freezer at -18C for up to 6 months, defrost before use, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.


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