Be More Herbivore


Never settle for anything less than epic with this stunning Be More Herbivore T in Pink and Charcoal.

Dress it up or dress it down – this is your new perfect, anytime clothes drawer staple.



It’s easy to worry about the origins and impact of your daily wear – from pesticide use, to being woven with planet-harming microfibres, to the working conditions of the people making it – and then there are T shirts like these.

How do we know these are the best? We work with Isle of Wight based company Rapanui – they meet all our standards all the way, so you can stop worrying. You’ve got the best.
This Tee is made from 100% organic cotton and printed to order in the UK in a carbon neutral, renewable energy-powered factory.

If that’s not enough, when your garment is worn out, check the label, scan the code and send it back. You’ll get a discount on your next purchase. This is the world’s first working circular economy for clothing.

Grab yourself one today.


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