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A delicious, vegan and fully nutritionally complete recipe made from our individually listed premium ingredients – including responsibly sourced soybeans, chickpeas, organic brown rice, carrot and tomato.

Here our sustainable recipe is made even more delicious with the help of cheesy nooch blended with basil, thyme, marjoram and oregano. If you are thinking pizza bites then you are on the right lines!

Suitable for adult dogs 12 months and older


We go the extra mile so you don’t have to. Over 99% of the ingredients in this recipe are sourced from the UK or Europe. Soybeans (Oh how we love them) are certified responsibly sourced.  Our brown rice and rice protein concentrate are organic.

2kg bag is certified fully recyclable PE4, easy tear and re-sealable for freshness.

12kg paper bag is fully recyclable. Not re-sealable so for maximum enjoyment keep kibble in airtight containers until needed.


Lets break it down:









More information

Introducing Noochy Poochy, the ultimate choice for adult vegan dog food. Our commitment to providing optimal nutrition for your furry friend goes hand in hand with our dedication to ethical choices. With a focus on meeting the unique needs of vegan dog parents, Noochy Poochy offers a well-rounded and nutritious diet that supports your dog’s overall health and vitality.

Rest assured that Noochy Poochy is not just any ordinary dog food. Our formula is carefully developed by a team of expert veterinarians who understand the specific nutritional requirements of adult dogs. With their knowledge and expertise, we have crafted a well-balanced and complete diet that ensures your dog receives all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Noochy Poochy vegan dog food is formulated to meet every single nutritional requirement for adult dogs. Our individually listed premium ingredients are blended with nooch and mixed herbs, for a delicious and all-natural cheesy-herby flavour kibble that delights and well as nourishes. Not only does nutritional yeast enhance the flavour profile of our dog food, but it also provides a host of nutritional benefits. Nooch is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which can support your dog’s immune system, aid in digestion, and contribute to their overall well-being.

We understand the importance of sustainable practices, which is why Noochy Poochy takes pride in using recyclable packaging. By opting for our dog food, you can provide your pet with exceptional nutrition while minimising your environmental impact. Our packaging is designed to be easily recycled, allowing you to make a positive difference for both your dog and the planet.

When you choose Noochy Poochy, you are opting for a dog food that is 100% vegan. We are proud to offer a product that aligns with your ethical choices, providing a cruelty-free and plant-based option for your beloved canine companion. The delightful cheese and herb flavour makes mealtime an enjoyable experience for your furry friend.

Discover the extraordinary benefits of Noochy Poochy today and give your dog the exceptional nutrition they deserve. Choose Noochy Poochy and provide your adult dog with a delicious, vegan, and nutritionally complete diet that will support their overall well-being.

Noochy Poochy Adult 12mth+ is covered by the PlantLabs Complete Promise, so you can sit back, relax (/have more time to concentrate on all the other things your dogster has lined up for you)

made with natural ingredients

no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives

with select organic ingredients

splendid OMEGA 6:3 ratio of 4:1

prebiotics (FOS & MOS) to support digestion

supports strong teeth and bones

responsibly sourced soybean

pea protein

uk grown naked oats

sweet potatoes

sweet lupin beans


organic brown rice

nutritional yeast

basil, thyme, marjoram and oregano


olive oil, rapeseed and linseed oil

tomatoes and carrots

organic rice protein concentrate

chelated minerals

extract of yucca plant

58 reviews for Adult 12 Months+

  1. Gerarde

    Moved over to feed our two rescued Greyhounds on Noochy about a month ago. One of them is a fussy eater but both of them woof their bowls down. Glossy coats and super wet snoots all day long??✔️

  2. Noeleen (verified owner)

    My border terrier Minnie absolutely loves this food. She dances for her breakfast and dinner every day

  3. Claire Bridges

    Absolutely Fabulous!
    Our dogs love this food and will even do tricks for it – what’s not to love about giving your dog healthy and sustainable food? Would highly recommend.

  4. gill oneil (verified owner)

    My dogs love these little kibbles (also tasted one myself and was nice!) They smell
    good too, unlike the fish kibble they’ve had previously. They’ve always had intolerance of certain animal proteins which can make them sick but no problems at all with this. Great to find a plant based option with a good ingredient list that also tastes and smells so nice

  5. theethicalempath (verified owner)

    My rescue dog Bella absolutely loves this! It is well worth trying and cruelty free. Yay! It is so nice to purchase from an ethical company. Keep up the great work guys. You are totally pawsome. 5 stars from us!

  6. kelseyharknessjones (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have 5 plant-based doggies who we have been trying to find the most nutritionally complete food for for a while now. The last couple were ‘complete’, but two of our dogs just didn’t like the texture, and we were having to soak the food everyday just to get them to go near it. Both doggies gobble through Noochy Poochy, and one even howls for it! It smells great even to us, and the mini kibble is so much easier for them to eat. It’s also great to use as training treats, which are really tough to find for PB dogs!

  7. Jill L (verified owner)

    Love that there is an alternative to other vegan dog food. We ordered a bag using a voucher so there was a discount on the first order as we just wanted to try it out with our new dog as we moved her over to a fully vegan diet.
    We have a small rescue dog that transitioned to Noochy Poochy with no problems at all. The small kibble is great for her and fits nicely into her bobalot when we are trying to slow her down with eating. She loves it.
    It is a wonderful bonus that it is so much more ethical than other pet foods and the bag can be recycled.
    Delivery was very quick. All in all really pleased.

  8. Nan Howitt

    Although the simple packet had lots of information on it, Unfortunately it was in a very small font and useless. I looked for the same information on line, without luck. If you really think your the best dog food company why so shy about the food you produce.

  9. Justin H

    I had found my dog was starting to go off his dry food and just eat the wet around it. When looking to change, a friend gave me some of their Noochy Poochy and my dog absolutely loved it. I’m not vegan so never even occurred to me to try my dog on vegan dry food. He loves it so much that I even use it as treats on a walk and he scoffs them down! Really happy with the decision to change to Noochy Poochy.

  10. Roxanne W

    What a fab product! My doggo absolutely loves it. I’m not a vegan but was given a sample to try and she loves it- even without wet dog food! Which is unheard of!
    After doing a bit more research into it and learning the science behind it- what’s not to love!
    I’ve told every dog owner I know to give it a go.
    Couldn’t recommend enough!

  11. Claire Watson

    Our dogs really love Noochy Poochy. I’ve tried them with several bowls of different dog food (AND beef and turkey) but they show little interest in any other food I offer and they eat Noochy Poochy with great gusto which (as a vegan myself) is very pleasing.

  12. ruby (verified owner)

    My dogs love noochy poochy – even my older fussy one-no problem getting her to eat her breakfast now!

  13. Eric R

    Excellent customer service and a great product. Our dog loves this stuff and helps towards his balanced diet.
    Would recommend.

  14. Charlotte

    After being sceptical over converting my pooch to a Vegan diet I decided to take the plunge. After researching the company I was comforted to see it was developed a Vet and the company headed the same Vet.
    Our dog is loving it, so happy and his coat is glossier than ever! Recommending to all my friends.

  15. Tom Curtis

    Nutritionally complete, delicious, vegan, Noochy Poochy has everything our strapping young staffy needs! The proof is in the pudding too, as he dribbles uncontrollably when dinner time comes around and scoffs his food in seconds flat. So glad there’s an ethical company producing vegan dog food as scrumptious as this. And evidently so is our doggy!

  16. Louise Henderson

    bear has been on plant-based food since he was around 13 weeks old and with more options coming to market we couldn’t wait to add some more variety to his meals, and try noochy poochy! it was an instant hit! he absolutely loves it! so much so he cries with excitement at meal times if we’re not quick enough to serve it up. something he’s never done with food up to now. noochy poochy is great brand with great values. if you’re looking for a nutritionally complete kibble that your dog will love, look no further!

  17. Anon (verified owner)

    Our dogs love it! We cook for our dogs at home, but it’s nice to have another option, they eat the whole bowl every time!

  18. customer

    Fast delivery and my dog loves it!

  19. Rene Herbonnet

    Our dogs really loves this. We are happy that they enjoyed their vegan meals. We feel so good that they are eating something healthy and tasty. Absolutely 5 star!

  20. Vegan Leonard

    So pleased to have found such small vegan kibble which my 2 whippets absolutely love and I must say what a difference it has made to their diet. They were eating the only vegan puppy food on the market until they were 12 months old, and then I spotted Noochy Poochy in a health food shop, so thought I would give it a try as soon as the dogs were a year old. Both whippets are absolutely thriving and look very muscly and healthy with so much energy. Their coats are shiny and teeth are in great condition. Both dogs run (fast) every day on the beach or park and everyone comments on how great they look and how much energy they both have. Thank you Noochy Poochy for making such delicious vegan dog food.

  21. Kat (verified owner)

    Our dog loves it and it doesn’t smell too bad either. Because the pieces are small they make good treats too keeping a few back it means we don’t over feed her.

  22. customer (verified owner)

    Lulu is a 12 year old chihauhau and has had same kibble since she came to live with us 10 years. We went vegan 4 years ago so thought we would try sample pack to see if she would take to it, no problems! Noochy Poochy is similar size to her old stuff so all well!. Will be ordering full size bag, which is slightly cheaper than old stuff too. 🤗👍

  23. Deborah Cooper

    My Shih Tzu Elmo and 2 King Charles Cavaliers absolutely love their Noochy Poochy and literally woof it down! It’s the first kibble that Elmo our Shih Tzu has not picked at. At 13.5 he’s gained some much needed weight and has got his Va Va Voom back! Thank you ?

  24. maya kr (verified owner)

    Have been buying noochy poochy for a couple of months now and my dog absolutely loves it. Highly recommend.

  25. Stevie

    Only lost a star as I didn’t receive an email confirming my order
    Otherwise brilliant and quick delivery

  26. Naomi (verified owner)

    My dog loves this food. She is thriving off it and is at the peak of health.

  27. Meagan Boyle (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing such a fantastic plant based dog food that my dogs all love and completely thrive on xxx

  28. Gilly (verified owner)

    We have 2 small whippet sisters who have been eating a plant based diet since they were 8 weeks old. They were eating the only vegan puppy food on the market at the time but I was so pleased to be able to feed them Noochy Poochy at 12 months old. They both absolutely love the small kibble and there is no need to soften it for them as it’s such a good size. They are both thriving, have so much energy (they run off their leads every day), coats are shining, teeth are in good condition and they digest it well and have no gassy issues! We are a vegan family and it is such a relief to find such a delicious nutritional plant based food for our whippets. Thank you so much Noochy Poochy.

  29. SD (verified owner)

    Thanks to the noochy team . You have developed a great product that is Ethical and above all cruelty free . All dog owners need to know our pooches can live healthily without needling to eat excessive amounts of meat or processed dog food . Our dog happily eats this lovely small kibble and it doesn’t smell !! We recommended this to other owners and wish success to the noochy team .

  30. customer (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.. dogs loves it .. and well Worth buying the little sample pack..Very good to take with you for dog treats as they are smaller bits of kibble..

  31. Mrs Janice Newman (verified owner)

    Dylan loves this vegan Kibble. Hes happy and im happy that we are all vegan now.

  32. Gemma

    I wanted to hold off to be able to comment objectively on this noochy poochy puppy food. Our dog was having difficulties with her number 2’s, they were too frequent and things weren’t right. We noticed from the first serving of noochy poochy, the effects on this area. They now have reduced to a reasonable amount, looking more firm and healthy. I am sorry to talk about number 2’s but they are important. Her energy is next level and she loves the food, gobbles it up. I am very impressed with the effects on her this far. It seems as though her digestion is really improving and I am grateful for this. This is a fantastic product, I can see that from the reaction her body has had to it. Thank you

  33. Lara Pappers (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, great food, good for the planet. My dog loves it.

  34. Rachael

    My dog is enjoying this food – I am pleased with it.

  35. Sadie P (verified owner)

    Our Labrador is thriving on Noochy Poochy and she loves it. Subscription service works brilliantly and great customer service.

  36. PJM (verified owner)

    The order hasn’t turned up

  37. James

    I can’t recommend this dog food highly enough. My wee Olive loves it. The lady who i dealt with was not only amazing for my little dog but she gave me some advice for my cat Dave. Vet told me Dave was just old, now my Dave is back to his little happy self. We never thought that would happen as he’s 15. I’m proud to now call myself a regular Noochy Poochy. I’ve heard some people complain about the prices? My little Olive’s health is princess.

  38. sarah.mclucas

    My staffie and small crossbreed have been eating noochy poochy for almost a year now! They love it! Cutest packaging too 🙂

  39. Gritiga (verified owner)

    My dog loves this dog food! It’s very easy to order with quick delivery. This is the only vegan dog kibble which my dog will eat. She is very fuzzy when it comes to food. I’m really happy with this company. Thank you very much for making this amazing food that my dog loves to eat finally!

  40. Dani

    Great customer service. Reasonably priced, quality & environmentally friendly product that our doggo loves.

  41. Tina R

    My dog absolutely loves Noochy Poochy & ‘woolfs’ it down.

  42. Megan Boothby

    Truly the best, most ethical product. I have found the holy grail dog food and I won’t be switching !! The people who run the company are so attentive and their customer care is above and beyond. They even emailed me to double check I’d selected the correct bag! Cannot recommend enough.

  43. Susanna (verified owner)

    My dog loves this food. I’m mixing it at the moment as he’s still young (7 months) but I like to have the option of reducing his impact on the planet.

  44. Elaine

    My pooch, Bella, loves dinner time but has never been as excited as she is these days. She only has to hear the bag opening & she’s there. Bella, absolutely loves Noochy Poochy! This is not a one off either, I recently had 2 of Bella’s sisters come to stay & they loved it too, so, it’s definitely a 5 star product. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  45. Jennifer Hulme

    My Dogs love it. I use Noochy Poochy in a treat ball too. Vegan, paper packaging it ticks all the boxes for me and a Speedy delivery. Thank you

  46. Glen P

    Ralph (my Labrador) absolutely loves Noochy Poochy! He loves the flavour and I know he’s getting all the nutrients he needs!

  47. Emaan A

    Amazing dog food. My little chorkie loves it and she’s super fussy. I love knowing it’s kind to her sensitive stomach.

  48. Clarisse B (verified owner)

    My dog loves this food, and the smaller kibble means I can use his snuffle mat for more enrichment! Fast service too. Very happy, would recommend 😍

  49. Miss Joyce Butters (verified owner)

    I bought these biscuits for my dog who absolutely loves them.l have to hide them or she would scoff the lot.

  50. Ottoman

    My dog loves noochy poochy although the recommended serving size is very small!

  51. Wendy Barton

    My Greyhounds love this food!! 😊 I’m really pleased I can get a UK based vegan food. Thank you 👍

  52. JHH

    Sent a 2kg bag of food free of chargr to tide me over while they were waiting for the 12kg bags to be manufactured due to an ingrediant shortage. Customer service from Tom was first class, very helpful and speedy responses. And dogs love the food they don’t stop to chew just hoover it up. 👍

  53. Corrina

    My dog absolutely loves this stuff! We have tried other sustainable brands but he has always not wanted to touch the stuff. This is perfect and our dog is obsessed! His regular food from now on 😍

  54. Sheryll customer

    I am really impressed with this food , it’s the first my dog has eaten all her food without having to coaxed . Thankyou noochy poochy

  55. Dawn Plimmer (verified owner)

    Ordering was easy, delivery quick
    My dogs absolutely love Noochy Poochy

  56. Julia W (verified owner)

    Fave dry biscuits for my dog. She doesn’t really like any dry food on its own, but Noochypoochy always gets eaten if mixed into some wet food. The pieces are nice and small which I love because my dog is only 6kg and she struggles chewing large dry food. I also love it because it’s harder to pick out!

    Love that she’s eating 50% vegan diet too.

  57. customer (verified owner)

    My dog loves this food and thrives in on it. Amazing for small breeds (she’s a JRT cross, 13 years old). The kibbles are tiny which is what I’ve been after for ages.

  58. Michael Newnham

    Bought this for my daughter’s cocker spaniel as a change for him and to help the planet. He absolutely loved it. Couldn’t get enough. I’m hoping it’s the start of a permanent switch to vegan dog food.

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