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A delicious, vegan and fully nutritionally complete recipe made from our individually listed premium ingredients – including responsibly sourced soybeans, chickpeas, organic brown rice, carrot and tomato.

Here our sustainable recipe is made even more delicious with the help of cheesy nooch blended with basil, thyme, marjoram and oregano. If you are thinking pizza bites then you are on the right lines!

Suitable for adult dogs 12 months and older



We go the extra mile so you don’t have to. Over 99% of the ingredients in this recipe are sourced from the UK or Europe. Soybeans (Oh how we love them) are certified responsibly sourced.  Our brown rice and rice protein concentrate are organic.

2kg bag is certified fully recyclable PE4, easy tear and re-sealable for freshness.

12kg paper bag is fully recyclable. Not re-sealable so for maximum enjoyment keep kibble in airtight containers until needed.


Lets break it down:









More information

Our vegan Noochy Poochy adult food is formulated to meet every single nutritional requirement for adult dogs. Our individually listed premium ingredients are blended with nooch and mixed herbs, for a delicious and all-natural cheesy-herby flavour kibble that delights and well as nourishes.

Noochy Poochy Adult 12mth+ is covered by the PlantLabs Complete Promise, so you can sit back, relax (/have more time to concentrate on all the other things your dogster has lined up for you)

made with natural ingredients

no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives

with select organic ingredients

splendid OMEGA 6:3 ratio of 4:1

prebiotics (FOS & MOS) to support digestion

supports strong teeth and bones

12 reviews for Adult 12 Months+

  1. Tom

    My dog absolutely loves this. A****

  2. Gerarde

    Moved over to feed our two rescued Greyhounds on Noochy about a month ago. One of them is a fussy eater but both of them woof their bowls down. Glossy coats and super wet snoots all day long??✔️

  3. Noeleen (verified owner)

    My border terrier Minnie absolutely loves this food. She dances for her breakfast and dinner every day

  4. Claire Bridges

    Absolutely Fabulous!
    Our dogs love this food and will even do tricks for it – what’s not to love about giving your dog healthy and sustainable food? Would highly recommend.

  5. gill oneil (verified owner)

    My dogs love these little kibbles (also tasted one myself and was nice!) They smell
    good too, unlike the fish kibble they’ve had previously. They’ve always had intolerance of certain animal proteins which can make them sick but no problems at all with this. Great to find a plant based option with a good ingredient list that also tastes and smells so nice

  6. theethicalempath (verified owner)

    My rescue dog Bella absolutely loves this! It is well worth trying and cruelty free. Yay! It is so nice to purchase from an ethical company. Keep up the great work guys. You are totally pawsome. 5 stars from us!

  7. kelseyharknessjones (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have 5 plant-based doggies who we have been trying to find the most nutritionally complete food for for a while now. The last couple were ‘complete’, but two of our dogs just didn’t like the texture, and we were having to soak the food everyday just to get them to go near it. Both doggies gobble through Noochy Poochy, and one even howls for it! It smells great even to us, and the mini kibble is so much easier for them to eat. It’s also great to use as training treats, which are really tough to find for PB dogs!

  8. Tom Curtis

    Nutritionally complete, delicious, vegan, Noochy Poochy has everything our strapping young staffy needs! The proof is in the pudding too, as he dribbles uncontrollably when dinner time comes around and scoffs his food in seconds flat. So glad there’s an ethical company producing vegan dog food as scrumptious as this. And evidently so is our doggy!

  9. Rene Herbonnet

    Our dogs really loves this. We are happy that they enjoyed their vegan meals. We feel so good that they are eating something healthy and tasty. Absolutely 5 star!

  10. Deborah Cooper

    My Shih Tzu Elmo and 2 King Charles Cavaliers absolutely love their Noochy Poochy and literally woof it down! It’s the first kibble that Elmo our Shih Tzu has not picked at. At 13.5 he’s gained some much needed weight and has got his Va Va Voom back! Thank you ?

  11. Gilly (verified owner)

    We have 2 small whippet sisters who have been eating a plant based diet since they were 8 weeks old. They were eating the only vegan puppy food on the market at the time but I was so pleased to be able to feed them Noochy Poochy at 12 months old. They both absolutely love the small kibble and there is no need to soften it for them as it’s such a good size. They are both thriving, have so much energy (they run off their leads every day), coats are shining, teeth are in good condition and they digest it well and have no gassy issues! We are a vegan family and it is such a relief to find such a delicious nutritional plant based food for our whippets. Thank you so much Noochy Poochy.

  12. sarah.mclucas

    My staffie and small crossbreed have been eating noochy poochy for almost a year now! They love it! Cutest packaging too 🙂

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