NOOCHY POOCHY (free sample)



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Delectably delicious
cheesy dinners forever

Not fed vegan before and keen to try before you buy? this is the place to do it


maybe you’re new to feeding your dog vegan or you’ve been doing it for years. rest assured that Noochy Poochy is completely balanced and nutritionally complete with a whopping 28% protein content that even many conventional meat-based dog food brands would envy. As the first complete dog food to use the superfood nutritional yeast… Noochy has a resulting delicious cheeeeesy flavour for a winner dinner in most dogs’ opinions

oh did we mention the 30% organic ingredients?

yes optimum omega 3: 6 ratio of 4:1

yes Noochy Poochy contains methionine

yes Noochy Poochy has added taurine

100% recyclable packaging

good for your dog and great for the planet


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