ethical purchasing policy

Ethical Purchasing

McKinna Plantlabs aims to demonstrate the highest level of ethical principles. 

It is the responsibility of all our team but particularly those involved in procurement, to maintain and exhibit standards of integrity in all business relationships, both internally and externally, and to reject those practices that may reasonably be deemed improper; ensuring we are trusted and respected by all suppliers and that we are known for carrying out business efficiently in a fair and reasonable manner.

We are committed to ensuring the goods and services we purchase are manufactured, delivered, used and disposed of in an ethical manner.

As a result, our purchasing decisions will give preference to the following:

* suppliers that operate a fair employment policy

* organisations that have safe and healthy working conditions for their employees

We will not knowingly use suppliers:

* that use child labour

* that do not provide their employees with a living wage in the country of their employment

* that do not operate with an avoidance of excessive working hours and provision of regular employment

* that undertake any form of harsh or inhumane treatment

We will seek out suppliers and manufacturers that share our commitment to sound animal welfare, environmental and ethical performance and improvement. Suppliers shall comply with all national and other applicable law and regulations.

Where applicable, we will offer assistance to our suppliers in raising their ethical awareness. We will develop partnerships with our suppliers and contractors and work together to minimise the environmental and social impacts of our supply chain.