Eco Living: Planet Friendly Dog Accessories For Your Pooch

We all love our furry friends and want them to have the very best.

Whether that’s feeding them the correct nutrition or taking them on holiday with you, dogs are more than just pets, they’re an extended part of the family!

Our pets bring so much joy to our lives and we would do anything to protect their health and safety. We’re committed to providing them with a good quality of life, but are we committed to working towards a sustainable future?

Why is Eco Living Important?

Giving our pets the best, doesn’t have to mean compromising the planet. Lots of owners are aware of their carbon footprint and the greater impact this has on the environment.

From consuming better food, to travelling less in the car, there’s lots of ways we can limit the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. By making more conscious decisions about the way we live our lives, we can each work towards positive changes for the planet.

This includes the accessories we buy for our dog.

People are actively looking into different ways they can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable way of living.

Thankfully we’re not alone in wanting to reduce our carbon footprint. Lots of pet suppliers understand that pet owners are making more conscious choices when it comes to buying products for their pooch.

They have been working hard to create products that serve the functional needs of our pets whilst also being kind to the planet. Whilst pet parents are aware of the need to protect the planet and want to make a positive difference, they do not want to compromise on quality and design.

Accessories For Your Pup and The Planet

When consumers think of ‘vegan’ or ‘eco friendly’ they might be under the misconception that design will be compromised and the products will be expensive. However, this is not the case, and there’s a whole host of pet suppliers developing and selling sustainable products that fulfil customer (and most importantly dogs) requirements.

From naturally sourced bedding to responsibly made dog leads, there’s lots of great choices when it comes to choosing eco accessories.

These products are tried and tested to ensure they are durable, strong, and reliable, allowing pet owners to seamlessly transition from what they currently use.

We’ve compiled a list of some great goodies for your pooch that look good and do the environment good too. What’s not to like?!
dog lying on dog bed

Dog Beds

Product: Fleece Dog Bed Cover (Small)
Supplier: Duvet Dogs
Price: £50

This gorgeous dog bed will keep your dog clean, warm, and comfortable as they curl up on the soft fabric. It’s suited to a variety of home interiors depending on the owner and is available in a range of patterns. These include foxy, snowflake, black tartan, and multispot.

The fabric is anti-pill, polar fleece fabric and is 100% machine washable. The fabric stays clean and soft after each wash due to its high quality.

How is it sustainable? This product reduces carbon emissions during manufacturing as it’s beautifully hand made in Scotland.

See here for more information.

Product: Modern mud cloth dog bed
Supplier: Sammys Bed and Threads
Price: £44.32

This mud cloth dog bed is available in a variety of sizes and showcases a chic, bohemian style design. It’s made from luxury, upholstery grade fabric and is warm, soft, and durable meaning it can be washed time and time again and still retains it’s high quality.

The duvet cover is a premium upholstery grade mud cloth fabric and every cover includes overlocking stitching for maximum durability.

In terms of the cushion, the supplier offers eco-friendly inserts to provide your dog with a bed that is luxurious, comfortable, and kind to the planet.

How is it sustainable? The insert is made with sustainable materials using recycled plastic water bottles to create a cushioned and hypoallergenic pillow. Also, mud cloth is a hand made, traditional, cotton fabric which is dyed with natural dyes of mud and painted to create different shapes and patterns.

See here for more information.
dog playing with toy

Dog Toys

Product: Natural Hemp Dog Toy
Supplier: TagAndCollar
Price: £10.50

Love a bit of tug and war with your four legged friend? This hemp product is the perfect product!

Available in two sizes depending on what suits your dog best, this dog toy is made from hemp rope which is great for your dogs teeth whilst also being anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. If your dog is a heavy chewer then you might need to watch them a little more carefully as some of the fibre could come loose.

The hemp rope also has a natural smell to it that your dogs will love compared to other cotton dog toys.

How is it sustainable? Hemp is a natural and sustainable material which makes it great for your dog’s health and for the planet. It is grown without using pesticides and requires less water. It’s also biodegradable meaning it won’t end up in a dreaded landfill.

See here for more information.

Product: Eco Friendly Dog Toy
Supplier: Percy and Bream
Price: £6.95

These products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours depending on the need and breed of your dog. The range includes ‘Percy the Pig’, ‘Ronnie the Rhino’, ‘Desmond the Duck’, ‘Olive the Octopus’, and ‘Lionel the Lama’. All toys are made from pure jute and suede and are filled with cotton, jute rope, waste cotton, or a recycled plastic bottle.

This adds extra ‘crunch’ when playing whilst the suede encasing is soft and comfortable for your dog’s mouth. With some items in the range there is also a velcro pouch where you can hide little goodies!

As with any toy, it’s advised you supervise your pet and make sure they aren’t swallowing any small pieces.

How is it sustainable? Due to the items used in these products including recycled materials and waste cotton, these products are natural, renewable, and recyclable. Jute is also one of the most affordable, natural fibres and is highly durable.

See here for more information.
dog wearing a coat

Dog Coats

Product: Recycled dog jacket
Supplier: Buster and Rudy
Price: £39.88

Dog coats are both practical and a fashionable item. You want your dog to feel warm and comfortable on their daily walk but whilst still looking good.

Dog coats from Buster and Rudy are made from upcycled vintage wool to keep your dog warm and cosy no matter what the weather is like.

This vintage wool coat is both high quality and stylish, whilst minimising waste by reusing fabric that was already available.

The dog coat comes in two different sizes to suit both little and large breeds.

How is it sustainable? By upcycling vintage wool you’re minimising waste and turning what would have otherwise been discarded, into a valuable and usable product.

See here for more information.

Product: Upcycled wool dog coat
Supplier: Scatty knits
Price: £16.50

Using repurposed wool from the textile industry, this dog coat is the perfect accessory for your four legged friend.

It’s a warm and comfortable choice for your pet as it uses 100% wool for the outer fabric whilst the inside lining is made from recycled sweaters.

Due to fabric constraints, each coat is bespoke, so the design and colour will be unique to you and your dog which adds a sense of personalisation.

How is it sustainable? Lambswool fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, resists dust mites, and is naturally water resistant. What’s more, is that this fabric is biodegradable so it naturally decomposes in soil once it has been discarded. The inner lining also uses upcycled sweaters rather than disposing of them and creating more waste.

See here for more information.

Product: Colour Block Hoodie for Dogs
Supplier: RuffdeTails
Price: £29.74

This hand made dog coat is made from 100% organic cotton and comes in a variety of sizes to suit the need and breed of your dog.

Featuring a lovely pastel blue and orange colour palette, this accessory is perfect for both male and female genders and is sure to keep your pooch warm and cosy on their daily walk. The cotton fabric is soft against their coat and is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

The seller is willing to make necessary adjustments to the coat to ensure it perfectly fits your loyal companion and is comfortable for them to wear.

How is it sustainable? As the product is made from 100% organic cotton, not only can it be recycled but it can also be composted! Plants biodegrade, and as cotton is a plant, it breaks down back into the environment to be used by the soil and other living organisms.

See here for more information.

dog wearing a collar

Dog Collars

Product: Luxury Cork Dog Collar
Supplier: Cork Culture USA
Price: £22.12

Dog collars are an essential safety product for any pet owner but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good, and do the environment some good too.

These collars from CorkCulturesUSA give the perfect texture and aesthetic when taking your dog out for its daily walk.

As a handmade product, the collars are soft, comfortable, and stylish to ensure your dog is happy wearing this product as it will probably be resting against their fur for extended periods of time. Therefore, comfortability is key.

How is it sustainable? The collars are made from cork, a sustainable material extracted from oak trees in an organic way. Cork is eco friendly, sustainable, flexible and durable. The product is also a Peta approved Vegan product. It’s hand made in Portugal which also reduces carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

See here for more information.

Product: Hemp Dog collar
Supplier: Altitude Pet Supplies
Price: £22.16

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, this handmade hemp dog collar is perfect for your pup. It’s also soft and comfortable for them to wear, utilising an easy clip on.

Using hemp, it’s a very strong and tough fabric which is perfect if you’re out walking your dog and they have a tendency to pull!

All collars are adjustable so can be loosened/ tightened to meet the needs of your pooch.

How is it sustainable? Hemp is a biodegradable fabric so will not end up in a landfill. The metal hardware one each collar also removes plastic waste from other collars.

See here for more information.
dog on a lead

Dog Leads

Product: Puddle Cotton Dog Leads
Supplier: Puddle and Stick
Price: £17.99

Similar to dog collars, dog leads serve a safety and functional purpose. They are an essential accessory.

These beautifully designed dog leads come in a range of colours and are available 2 different suites to suit the needs of you and your canine. Want something a little more bespoke? You can contact the seller and request a custom order.

The dog leads are made from 100% cotton and are soft, durable, and strong. They also come complete with two welded D-rings for easy, hassle-free access when you’re out walking.

And don’t worry about dirt, the leads are machine washable and can be left to dry.

How is it sustainable? The cotton is biodegradable and plastic free making it environmentally friendly whilst still being high quality. When the lead comes to the end of usability, the metal parts can be recycled and reused while the fabric of the lead can be placed in a compost bin.

See here for more information.
dog in the bath

Dog Shampoo

Product: Dog Shampoo Bar
Supplier: Potter and Hare
Price: £5.50

When it comes to bathing your pooch you want to make sure you have the very best products to protect and care for their skin.

With this Dog Shampoo Bar, all ingredients are natural, an ideal option if your dog has any skin allergies or sensitivities. It’s plastic-free, and by using Neem oil, it helps prevent and kill fleas, ticks, mites, and harvest mites.

The bar also contains lavender essential oil which helps soothe irritated skin and prevent the spread of pests with its antibacterial properties.

How is it sustainable? The soap bar is plastic free and contains natural ingredients. This includes organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, neem oil, lavender oil, castor oil, and organic cocoa cutter meaning these ingredients cause no harm to plants or animals.

See here for more information.

Product: Natural dog soap
Supplier: Goly Natural
Price: £7.00

This shampoo bar from Goly Natural contains a range of natural ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, water, tea tree essential oil, lemon, eucalyptus, and lye meaning your dog will smell great while still being kind to the environment.

As it’s a shampoo bar, rather than a liquid, this product lasts a lot longer which reduces how many times you need to purchase a shampoo product. It’s also a lightwright product (weighing 30g individually) so it’s perfect if you’re taking your pooch on your travels.

Through using natural ingredients, this soap is gentle to your dog’s skin and will not irritate it. Furthermore, the product aids in repelling pests and promotes a healthier fur.

How is it sustainable? This product is made by hand and crafted into these beautiful shapes. This saves carbon emissions through the manufacturing process. Also, as they last longer than liquid soap, this reduces the amount of times you need to purchase the product, and reduces waste.

See here for more information.
dog standing next to Noochy Poochy dog food bag

How Noochy Poochy Can Improve Your Environmental Paw Print

Eco living isn’t just about the accessories you give to your dog but also the food they consume. The farming and production of meat has a huge impact on our environment from the use of land, water supply, fossil fuels and pesticides.

So what can we do to help?

At Noochy Poochy, our range of dog food contains all of the amino acids, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals your dog needs. This ensures your dog is healthy and happy, and gives you total peace of mind that they’re receiving all of the necessary nutrients to thrive.

We understand the need to protect our environment and know pet parents are on this journey with us.

As a supplier, we’re committed to improving the ethics of dog food manufacturing to improve the sustainability of the planet. We know supplying good tasting, highly nutritious dog food shouldn’t compromise the environment.

All of our products are 100% nutritionally complete and support strong bones and teeth for a healthy and happy canine.

We only use organic ingredients including soybeans, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, and more, to ensure your pooch receives sustainable dog food that is still packed with flavour!

We’re the only plant-based dog food to harness the cheesy delicious flavour of superfood Nutritional Yeast that your dog loves.

Don’t just take our word for it …

“My dog nearly killed me for the bag as I got home so I gave her a handful and she went mad!!” Claire, London

If you want your canine companion to receive the best nutrition, with the knowledge that you’re making a positive contribution to the planet, check out our range!

It feels good to know you’re doing good.

Eco Living: Planet Friendly Dog Accessories For Your Pooch

While dogs would be happy lying on a warm bed with a belly full of food, pet parents are becoming a lot more conscious of their decisions when it comes to buying products.

From dog toys which end up in landfills to collars made out of unsustainable materials, everything we buy makes some sort of contribution to the environment. But how can pet owners ensure this contribution is a positive one?

Eco friendly accessories are good for both your pup and the planet, ensuring dogs still have the products they need to function without harming the environment.

This means you can enjoy seeing your dog happy whilst knowing that you are doing your bit to help the planet.