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Delectably delicious
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NOOCHY POOCHY - 2kg & 4kg

Vegan and Plant Based Pet Food for Dogs

100% Nutritionally Complete. 100% Vegan. Delicious Cheesy flavour.

Vegan and plant-based food for dogs is no longer taboo; in fact, it’s the only way. Created and owned by experience vet Dr. Lucy, we determined to make the pet food industry kind and sustainable. McKinna Plantlabs have created the Noochy Poochy range. This is our innovative first range – so called because each of the products in the range is blended with the vegan superfood Nutritional Yeast – known lovingly around the world as ‘Nooch’! When added to a recipe, nooch gives it a delicious, all-natural cheesy flavour – without any need for the sad, old dairy trade. Noochy Poochy vegan dog food is proudly manufactured in the UK. Want to know what sets Noochy Poochy apart from the other dog food brands? Ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of our product range. From ensuring all our ingredients are ethically sourced and NEVER tested on animals, to our 100% recyclable packaging. We are fully committed to providing an ethical and sustainable option to feed your beloved pets. We are the plant-based dog feeding experts – here to help ethically-minded, discerning dog owners feed their dogs the best, while also caring for the world around them. Noochy Poochy vegan dog food really is a better way to feed.

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Lets break it down:









made with natural ingredients

no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives

with select organic ingredients

splendid OMEGA 6:3 ratio of 4:1

prebiotics (FOS & MOS) to support digestion

supports strong teeth and bones supports strong teeth and bones

organic soybean

organic pea protein

uk grown naked oats

sweet potatoes


organic brown rice

nutritional yeast

basil, thyme, marjoram and oregano


olive oil, rapeseed and linseed oil

tomatoes and carrots

potato and rice protein

chelated minerals

extract of yucca plant

  1. iluteci - 6 days ago

    http://slkjfdf.net/ - Amuhiqaa Igaopuo dzf.gejz.noochypoochy.com.erg.ks http://slkjfdf.net/

  2. Gilly - 4 weeks ago

    We have 2 small whippet sisters who have been eating a plant based diet since they were 8 weeks old. They were eating the only vegan puppy food on the market at the time but I was so pleased to be able to feed them Noochy Poochy at 12 months old. They both absolutely love the small kibble and there is no need to soften it for them as it's such a good size. They are both thriving, have so much energy (they run off their leads every day), coats are shining, teeth are in good condition and they digest it well and have no gassy issues! We are a vegan family and it is such a relief to find such a delicious nutritional plant based food for our whippets. Thank you so much Noochy Poochy.

  3. Jasmina Stirling - 2 months ago

    My dog really likes this food! It is the only one she wants to eat and we have really tried many, many brands! I also tried it, quite a few times!! Really pleased with it but also for everything it stands for.

  4. Deborah Cooper - 2 months ago

    My Shih Tzu Elmo and 2 King Charles Cavaliers absolutely love their Noochy Poochy and literally woof it down! It’s the first kibble that Elmo our Shih Tzu has not picked at. At 13.5 he’s gained some much needed weight and has got his Va Va Voom back! Thank you 🙏

  5. Rene Herbonnet - 3 months ago

    Our dogs really loves this. We are happy that they enjoyed their vegan meals. We feel so good that they are eating something healthy and tasty. Absolutely 5 star!

  6. Tom Curtis - 4 months ago

    Nutritionally complete, delicious, vegan, Noochy Poochy has everything our strapping young staffy needs! The proof is in the pudding too, as he dribbles uncontrollably when dinner time comes around and scoffs his food in seconds flat. So glad there's an ethical company producing vegan dog food as scrumptious as this. And evidently so is our doggy!

  7. Julie Maggs - 8 months ago

    I received my free sample today and my boy loved it, it tastes very Italian and of tomatoes (yes I tried it!)

  8. kelseyharknessjones - 10 months ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have 5 plant-based doggies who we have been trying to find the most nutritionally complete food for for a while now. The last couple were 'complete', but two of our dogs just didn't like the texture, and we were having to soak the food everyday just to get them to go near it. Both doggies gobble through Noochy Poochy, and one even howls for it! It smells great even to us, and the mini kibble is so much easier for them to eat. It's also great to use as training treats, which are really tough to find for PB dogs!

  9. theethicalempath - 10 months ago

    My rescue dog Bella absolutely loves this! It is well worth trying and cruelty free. Yay! It is so nice to purchase from an ethical company. Keep up the great work guys. You are totally pawsome. 5 stars from us!

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  12. gill oneil - 11 months ago

    My dogs love these little kibbles (also tasted one myself and was nice!) They smell
    good too, unlike the fish kibble they’ve had previously. They’ve always had intolerance of certain animal proteins which can make them sick but no problems at all with this. Great to find a plant based option with a good ingredient list that also tastes and smells so nice

  13. Claire Bridges - 11 months ago

    Absolutely Fabulous!
    Our dogs love this food and will even do tricks for it - what’s not to love about giving your dog healthy and sustainable food? Would highly recommend.

  14. Noeleen - 11 months ago

    My border terrier Minnie absolutely loves this food. She dances for her breakfast and dinner every day

  15. Gerarde - 11 months ago

    Moved over to feed our two rescued Greyhounds on Noochy about a month ago. One of them is a fussy eater but both of them woof their bowls down. Glossy coats and super wet snoots all day long💚🌱✔️

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  18. Tom - 12 months ago

    My dog absolutely loves this. A****

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why is Noochy Poochy
so different?

Ethics & Sustainability

Want to know what sets Noochy Poochy apart? Quite simply, our range of vegan plant-based pet food is committed wholeheartedly to improving dog food ethics. From responsibly sourcing our soybeans to supporting organic farming to our 100% recyclable packaging. We are fully committed to improving the ethics of dog food manufacturing for a better planet.

Nutritional Yeast

Why does Noochy taste so good and delight even our fussiest canine customers? Because we use the cheesy tasting superfood known as nutritional yeast ...AKA nooch!

Protein Content

We get our cruelty-free protein from plants - some of them you'd expect - like soybeans, chickpeas and lentils, but some you might not... like rice and sweet lupins.

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  • Can my dog be vegan? Tell it to me straight!

    Dogs are omnivores, which means they can thrive on a wide variety of foods, an evolutionary advantage evolved particularly over the thousands of years our faithful companions have been sharing our dinner spoils and scraps (and more recently sandwiches) since the human farming revolution. Their digestive systems have geared up to digesting starches found in vegetables and grains more efficiently.

    You can't feed a dog chickpeas and rice and expect them to get all the nutrients they need. The correct balance of protein, carbohydrate, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is vitally important. Particular amino acids like methionine, carnitine and taurine, which are likely to be low or absent in a vegan diet also should be supplemented for complete canine nutrition - this is why we supplemented all 3 in our complete dog food recipes.

  • Is Noochy Poochy 100% vegan?

    YES we are 100% vegan. After months of sourcing, testing and analysing in 2021 we found a Vitamin D3 made from algae that actually did better than the conventional (non-vegan) D3 in stability tests.

  • I feed my dogs a mix of wet and dry food - can I use Noochy Poochy as my dry but feed my normal wet food?

    Of course, you can still use Noochy as your dry if you feed your dog wet and dry mix.

  • How do I get in touch with the Noochy Poochy team?

    We love to hear from you. The best way to contact us is via email. Send your message to hello@plantlabs.co.uk and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can phone us on 020 8638 6219 or Whatsapp on 07854 164882.

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